What’s in a name?   – Part 2

Text: Exodus 3:13-15

The time had come for the Israelites to be delivered from Egypt; to fulfil the task of leading the entire nation out of slavery and oppression, the Lord appointed a man called Moses who was the son of Amram and Jocabed from the tribe of Levi.

Moses was favoured by God from the very start, his beginning was orchestrated by purpose; as a baby, he found himself in the house of Pharaoh.

Though groomed as an Egyptian prince, Moses chose to identify with the Hebrew slaves rather than enjoy the wealth of Egypt.
One day, in an attempt to protect a Jew, he murdered an Egyptian slavemaster and as a result fled to Midian for 40 years.

At the age of 80 whilst tending his father in-laws sheep, the Lord appeared to Moses via a burning bush on Mount Sinai instructing him to return to Egypt with the primary purpose of delivering the Israelites from Pharaoh’s bondage (Exodus 3:1-10)

Romans 11:29 tells us that“…God’s gifts and His call can never be withdrawn”

Our God is not like man, He calls an individual to fulfil an assignment irrespective of the person’s age, gender, background, past life, skills etc.

Subsequently in verse 13 of our text, Moses asked God a pivotal question “When the Israelites asks who sent me, what do I say?”

God replied “…say this to the people of Israel, I AM has sent me to you…Yahweh, the God of your ancestors, The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob has sent me to you…” (V14-15)

In Exodus 6:3 the Lord further said to Moses “I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as El-Shaddai (God Almighty) but I did not reveal my name Yahweh to them”

In other words, I was covenanted to your fathers, I want you Moses to come up higher and I would reveal an aspect of Myself that was hidden to them.

Our God is not only known as the Strong One or the Great Deliverer and Provider; He is the Eternal, Self-existing and All Sufficient One!

Let us therefore yearn to know God at a deeper and higher level; just like Moses, the Lord is looking to reveal Himself to those who will seek after Him wholeheartedly.

God bless,

Pastor G Ferguson.

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