The Days of Reformation  Part 10

Text: Ezra 6:1-2

These verses of scripture reveal that Tattenai one of the provincial governors, and his colleagues visited the construction site demanding to know who gave the Jews permission to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

Based on the response from the Jewish leaders, Tattenai wrote to the incumbent king (Darius) requesting for a search in the royal archives of Babylon, to discover whether Nebuchadnezzar’s successor (Cyrus) ever issued a decree to that effect

King Darius approved the governor’s petition and a scroll was found in the archives that had the decree issued by Cyrus (Ezra 6:1-2)

Verse 3 states “In the first year of King Cyrus’ reign, a decree was sent out concerning the temple of God at Jerusalem; let it be rebuilt on the site where Jews used to offer their sacrifices…”

A decree is an official order that has the weight and force of the law behind it; it is a manifesto by or from a government.

For us believers, Job 22:27-28 says “You shall make your prayer unto Him, and He shall hear thee and you shall pay your vows; you shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you…”

For example:
    • King Darius wrote a decree that got Daniel in trouble, this young man prayed and sent a counter decree to the heavens; then the Lord assigned His angels who kept him in the den of lions (Daniel 6)
    • We read another amazing encounter in Daniel 3; how Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survived in the fiery furnace
How do we issue decrees you might ask?

Through prayer! You and I must search the scriptures; it is our responsibility to declare what the Lord has said concerning those situations in prayer and ultimately things will change.

God bless,

Pastor G Ferguson.

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