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The Word & Breath of God – Part 5

Review: Pastor Glen’s Most Recent Message

Pst Glen The Word & Breath of God – Part 5


Text: Ezekiel 37:1-5

In a vision, the Lord took Ezekiel to a valley filled with dry bones; He instructed the prophet to say these words to the scattered bones “…I will put breath into you, and you will come to life…’’ (V6)

Then we read these fascinating words in verse 7 “So I prophesied just as He told me; suddenly as I spoke, there was a rattling noise all across the valley. The bones of each body came together and attached themselves as complete skeletons…”

The word of God declared by Ezekiel produced a sound that caused the dry bones to vibrate and ultimately a great army arose from the remains! (V10)
Again, Elijah’s prayer in 1 kings 18:41-45 triggered a sound wave in the supernatural realm which produced a mighty rainstorm after 3 years of drought in Israel.

In his words, “…there is a sound of abundance of rain” (V41)

Please note that the word and the breath of God have creative power and supersedes any natural order; the Lord is sovereign and all-sufficient:

  • He commanded the ravens to feed His servant Elijah in 1 kings 17:4
  • He is the One who gave Balaam’s donkey the ability to speak in
    Numbers 22:30
  • The sea and the wind are subject to His command Mark 4:39

Another significant event occurred in Acts chapter 2 when the believers were baptised in the Holy Ghost, verse 2 state “Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting.”

Because the believers were in one accord, the Spirit of the Lord descended and everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Where there is love and unity, the breath of God will abide.

All the biblical examples highlighted demonstrate that there is a vibration, a sound wave, a voice from above that can transform all creation; we call Him Elohim – the Creator of everything.

God bless,
Pastor G Ferguson.

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