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"Purpose" is a book about what everyone must go through to fulfill God's mandate on their lives. Written by Pastor Glen Ferguson, this book evolved from a vibrant teaching on purpose at Faith Dimensions Ministries, a Pentecostal Church based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, UK.


"Purpose" can help you discover your reason for living. It examines the life of the biblical character Joseph, showing how his misfortunes turned to God's purposes, the salvation of Joseph's family in the midst of famine.


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The Meal

Jesus Christ is the bread of life. The only way a christian can stand strong is through the living word. 

The Anointing

To be used by God and operate in the supernatural you need to have The Anointing.

The Self Discovery Series
This series is truly life changing. Pastor Glen delivers a masterful and in-depth 6 part study on the discovery of...
This Gospel
We are living in a day and time like never seen before. Man is trying to eradicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ from...
Unusual Weapons - AUDIO - Two Part Series

We are not in a natural or physical fight. Our war is against spiritual wickedness. 

Suspension Of The Natural

It is true we as believers are a part of this world but we are not of this world. 

Unusual Weapons - DVD DOWNLOAD

We are not in a natural or physical fight. Our war is against spiritual wickedness. 

I Came To Jesus As I Was
Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for your salvation. The bible says that all who believe in him shall be saved....


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