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Pst Glen Mama LuGlen Ferguson is the Bishop of Faith Dimensions Ministries and he is here to fulfil God’s specific plan and purpose. This man of God was born in St Thomas, Jamaica in 1957. He left the land of his birth when he was 10 years old to join his parents in England, where they had immigrated a number of years previously.
The son of an Evangelist and Bishop in a denominational church, he gave his life to the Lord at the young age of 13. A gifted bass guitarist, he saw his future serving God as a musician. However, the Lord had a different plan for his life which was revealed to him at the stage in his life when his musical career looked set to take off. That was when God called him into the ministry. The Scripture that turned things around for Bishop Glen Ferguson from been a gifted musician to knowing God was calling him for so much more was Ecclesiastes 12: 13 “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: For this is the whole duty of man”
In 1977 he married Lu and they were blessed with two sons Lee and Darren.
In 1986 Bishop Ferguson was led by the Lord to start a new church (now known as Faith Dimensions Ministries in a town on the outskirts of London called Milton Keynes. At the time this appeared to be a crazy decision given the failing health of his wife and son.
Nevertheless this man of God did as the Lord had commanded him and started the church. After taking care of God’s business by opening the church, on the 2nd November 1992 during the Sunday morning service his wife was miraculously healed after suffering from 8 years of cancer, and now enjoys complete health. Darren his youngest son who suffered with chronic renal kidney failure, is married and lives a fully healed and fruitful life.
Bishop Glen Ferguson is truly an anointed man of God, who lives his life as God directs us to do in the Bible. He is constantly in search for the God that we read about in the book of Acts. Bishop believes that we as Christians have got it so wrong and need to return to the Ancient Landmark where ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS!


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